Review: Murdered: Soul Suspect

Platform: PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One Developer: Airtight Games Website: Australian classification: M My favourite thing about Murdered: Soul Suspect is the cigarette. The main character, Detective Ronan O’Connor, has this hip bartender look: trilby, waistcoat, tattoos, stubble, nicotine addiction. I’m pretty sure he sold me a Corona once and was polite […]

Review: Transistor

Platform: PC, PS4 Developer: Supergiant Website: Australian classification: Unrated Plenty of games have kludged together the tactical depth of turn-based battles with the high-stakes immediacy of real-time fighting, letting you freeze combat to issue commands then watch things play out, maybe taking control of simple actions or just looking on till you need to […]

Review: Vertical Drop Heroes HD

Platform: PC Developer: Nerdook Website: Australian classification: Unrated Vertical Drop Heroes HD is a fancied-up remake of a browser game you can play online at Kongregate (hence the HD), which is about adventurers exploring dungeons by jumping ever downwards from platform to platform (hence the vertical drop). It’s not so much a dungeon crawler as […]

Review: Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Platform: PC Developer: Big Robot Website: Australian rating: Unrated The robots in Sir, You Are Being Hunted are more English than tea and racism. They wear tweed coats and top hats, smoke pipes, stalk about on the moors shooting pheasants, talk endlessly about the weather in their whirr-buzz-click robot voices – they’re like characters […]

Review: Daylight

Platform: PC, PS4 Developer: Zombie Studios Website: Australian rating: M For the first 15 minutes Daylight had me hooked. Waking up in a dark, abandoned hospital with only a handful of flares, glow-sticks, and a smartphone for light, a spooky voice on the other end of that phone, and no weapons to protect myself from […]

Review: Batman: Arkham Origins – ‘Cold, Cold Heart’

Platform: PC, PS3, Xbox 360 Developer: Warner Bros. Games Montréal Website: Australian rating: M ‘Cold, Cold Heart’ is an expansion for Batman: Arkham Origins that introduces the wintry villain Mr. Freeze. Tragically, at no point in this add-on does Mr. Freeze say “Stay cool” or “Let’s kick some ice!” or even “Revenge is a dish best […]

Review: War Of The Vikings

Platform: PC Developer: Fatshark Website: Australian classification: Unrated The Viking swings his axe and you backpedal furiously, swapping your bow for your sword in time to parry his next swing. The blow after that bites into your arm, but you’ve delayed the warrior long enough for one of your Saxon brethren to arrive. He […]

Review: Goat Simulator

Platform: PC Developer: Coffee Stain Website: Australian classification: Unrated There are people who play open-world games to wreck them: to knock people over, smash stuff, and blow up everything that can be blown up. Some go further than wrecking stuff that’s put there for you to wreck and aim for the edges of the map […]

Review: Adventure Time Presents Card Wars

Platform: Android, iOS Developer: Kung Fu Factory Website: Australian classification: Unrated ‘Card Wars’ was originally an episode of the Adventure Time cartoon parodying collectable card games like Magic: The Gathering. In that episode Jake the Dog perfectly summed up Magic: “It’s a fantasy card game that’s super-complicated and awesome but, well, it’s kind of […]

Review: Out There

Platform: Android, iOS Developer: Mi-Clos Studio Website: Australian classification: Unrated A game like FTL: Faster Than Light gives you basically the full Captain Kirk Star Trek fantasy. Your own spaceship, your own crew to boss around, and an endless supply of enemy craft to hail over the intercom and bargain with or blow out […]