“Innistrad” Magic Pre-Release this weekend

Magic: The Gathering: The first expansion of the new block “Innistrad” launches next week, but this weekend magic players worldwide get their first taste of the new set. The horror themed set introduces a few new mechanics and brings back some old ones. Probably the most interesting new addition are “Double Faced Cards”; these represent […]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 84 [Playlist]

21/09/2011 Presented by Razor, DJ LAME, Lee. This week, we spoke to Allan from AUSCON. It’s happening October 1-2 at RNA Showgrounds. RPG, Console Games, Cosplay and much more! Check out event details here: auscongames.com.au The guys spoke about EMULATOR, an exhibition on at the Bleeding Heart Gallery until Sep 30. More info : emulatorart.com.au […]

Portal is free to download until Sep. 20

I’ll spare you the cake jokes, but if you haven’t already: grab the original PORTAL off steam! Normally 10 bucks. until Tuesday it is free. Valve are hoping that the game and it’s awesome sequel will become part of educational curriculum due its logic and physics based gameplay. Play it! and when you beat it, […]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 83 [Playlist]

14 September 2011 Presented by Razor, Lee and DJ LAME. This week we spoke to last years winners of the 48 Hour Game Making Challenge; Kieren, Matt and Chris. Check out their winning entry here : http://www.cratesmith.com/archives/277 This years comp runs from Sep 30-Oct 2, full details please visit: http://making-games.net/48/ 1: ELLIOT – Who 8 […]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 79

In Studio: Razor, DJ Lame, Lee and special guest Jody from RAVE’s Control Freak. Congratulations to our Radiothon prize winners: Steve (Call of Duty: Black Ops) Jason (Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions) Porl (Rave Magazine Megadrive Vinyl prize pack + CD’s) Please come in to Zed to claim your prizes, or email zedgames@4zzzfm.org.au to make alternative arrangements. […]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 77 [Playlist]

27 July 2011 in Studio: DJ LAME, Lee & Razor. This week we spoke to Tim Colwill from www.r18games.com.au about the outcome of last Friday SCAG. We talked about what we’ve been playing, including Bastion, Limbo and Champions Online. 1. DJ TYRANT & SELECT – Left vs Right 2. EBOLA – nintendo Dubstep 3. TERBUJURKAKU […]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 76 [Playlist]

20 July 2011 This week DJ LAME, Lee and Razor were joined by Jody Macgregor from RAVE’s Control Freak to discuss the week’s gaming news. 1: LITTLE COMPUTER PEOPLE – Little Computer People 2: CADENCE WEAPON – Grim Fandango 3: INFINITE LIVEZ – R Yeah 4: TEAM TOOTHPASTE – Broken Toy 5: PLAY IT LOUD! […]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 75 [Playlist]

13 July 2011 Presented by Lee and Razor. This week we spoke about EA consuming independent publisher Popcap (Bejewelled, Plants Vs Zombies); XBOX Live game Trenched; new trailers for Batman: Arkham City & Bioshock: Infinite; and why staff are leaving popular RPG studio BioWare. 1. S/TRACK – Super Mario Bros. 2 Overworld Theme 2. MOOSEBUTTER […]

Magic: The Gathering Pre-release this weekend!

It’s that time again! The Pre-release for M12 Core Set is this weekend and its your first chance to play with the new cards! Pre-releases are happening everywhere this weekend, but our fave place to play has always been Ace Comics. Check out the details for all events below: Ace Annerley is located on Ipswich […]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 74 [Playlist]

06/07/2011 This week: We spoke with local chip artist SLATO. Check him out at the Mana Bar tomorrow night! DJ LAME, Razor and Lee spoke about Team Bondi’s recent troubles, and the unrest growing in EVE ONLINE. 6:00 MR SPASTIC – On=1 Get Spastic 6:05 OH! DEE – Contra Hard Corps 6:25 USK – Lololo […]