ZEDGAMES – Episode 62 [playlist]

ZEDGAMES – EPISODE 62 13 April 2011 In Studio: DJ LAME, LEE & RAZOR This week: Luke McMillan, Academic Coordinator at Qantm College spoke to us about pursuing game development as a career. Spencer Threw spoke to us about his project “Gaming For Freedom”: a program to unite geographically isolated gamers. 1: LITTLE BROTHER – […]

ZEDGAMES – EPISODE 61 [playlist]

6 April 2011 In Studio: DJ LAME,LEE,RAZOR. This week: DJ LAME brought his NINTENDO 3DS into the studio and we marveled at its power. SUPANOVA 2011 WRAP-UP, including an interview with Mike from RUNES OF MAGIC LEE talked briefly about CRYSIS 2 1: EBOLA – Nintendo Dubstep 2: GOONIES 2 OST– World 1 3: VIDEO […]

ZEDGAMES – EPISODE 60 [playlist]

30 March 2011 In Studio: Razor, DJ LAME, Lee. This week: Lee and Razor discussed Dragon Age 2 (PC/XBOX/PS3) DJ LAME gave us his first thoughts on YAKUZA 4 (PS3) 1. NEIL VOSS – Opus Electro 2: RASKULLS S/TRACK – Pirats Til We Die 3. P MONEY – 1 Up 4: STREETFIGHTER II – Ryu’s […]

MINECRAFT: A Documentary

The massive popularity of Minecraft has been a cultural phenomenon over the past year. 2 Player productions are currently raising funds to complete a documentary about creator “Notch” and his production crew Mojang. Check out this “proof-of-concept”, designed to attract investors to the project.

ZEDGAMES – EPISODE 59 [playlist]

In Studio: DJ LAME,LEE, SCRIBEWRAITH, RAZOR, IAN This week: Brendan gave us the inside scoop on the GDC (Game Developer Conference). We talked about games we have been playing including Motostorm Apocolypse (PS3),Wrath of Ashardolon (Board game), LodeRunner (PC) and Battlefield Heroes (PC). 1: DIBIASE – Circuit Breakin’ 2: NYLITHIA – Super Mario Death 3. […]

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Gameplay Trailer is here!

2006: Hundreds of thousands of gamers disappear suddenly and without a trace. Many months later, when the first of them emerge and hazily return to their workplaces, schools, and girlfriends, it is revealed that the cause of this phenomenon was Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. When the release of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was announced for […]

New Battlefield 3 Gameplay Video Released!

How’s your PC hardware looking? If you’re looking for an excuse to upgrade, I just found you one: Prone is BACK BABY! BF purists will be pleased to hear that PC is the lead platform, but judging by this video I’m thinking that the Sys Reqs are going to make many gamers cry. BF3 has […]