Zed Games Podcast – Episode 258

In studio: Lee May, Jody Macgregor, Candi Payne and Razor. This week: Morgan Jaffit, creative director and co-founder at Defiant Development joins us for a chat about Hand of Fate, the crowd-funded PC game blending action combat with deck-building. Morgan candidly answers our questions about the pressures of running a Kickstarter campaign and developing a game […]

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 257

In studio: Jody Macgregor, Lee May & Razor. This week: Our “50 Shades of Grey Special” (not really). We talk about three very different new dungeon crawlers: SanctuaryRPG channels the old-school ASCII vibe while presenting new school design sensibilities; Darkest Dungeon focuses on something rarely seen in the genre – the mental health of your […]

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 256

In studio: Lee May, Candi Payne and Razor. This week, we continue our coverage of zombie apocalypse/parkour game Dying Light, focusing on the co-op mode. Lee played the first episode of Telltales Game of Thrones and provides first impressions. Candi talks us through Trivia Crack, a mobile trivia game that pits you against friends and […]

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 255

In studio: Jody Macgregor, Lee May, Candi Payne & Razor. This week: Jody, Lee and Razor review Dungeons & Dragons: 5th Edition; we discuss the history of the original pen and paper RPG and detail what is new with the latest iteration. Included is a bonus audio clip from the first session. Special thanks to […]

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 254

In studio: Lee May, Jody Macgregor & Razor. This week, Lee reviews Armello – a digital board game that sits somewhere between Disney’s Robin Hood and Game of Thrones. Razor play-tests WWE Immortals, a button-mashing mobile/tablet game where the wrestlers are superheroes. Jody talks about Fairy Solitaire, magical, highly addictive card game! We discuss the week […]

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 253

In studio: Razor, Lee, Sean Mccarthy and Cameron Davis. This week, we’re joined by special guest Cameron Davis, industry veteran and author of Blow the Cartridge. We talk about Super Smash Bros (Wii U & 3DS) and Evolve (PC/PS4/XB1). Aired 21 January 2015. Subscribe to the Zed Games Podcast on iTunes

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 252

In studio: Jody Macregor, Candi Payne, Razor and  Sean “Minion” Mccarthy. This week, Sean reviews the latest expansion to World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor.  The three amigos review Metrocide, an open world stealth game by indie studio Flat Earth Games. We hear an interview with Alex Hutchison, creative director of Far Cry 4. Thanks […]

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 251

In studio: Jody Macgregor, Lee and Razor. We kick off the year with reviews of Far Cry 4’s co-op mode, as well as “the Anti-Sims” – This War Of Mine. Aired 7 January 2015 Subscribe to the Zed Games Podcast on iTunes

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 250

In studio: Razor, Candi Payne, Alanah Pearce, Jody Macgregor and Lee. The Zed Games end of year special! We celebrate 250 episodes, and each member of the Zed Games team nominates their favourite game of the year. Plus: Jody reviews the PC port of Valkyria Chronicles. We say goodbye to Alanah as she departs for […]

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 249


In studio: Jody Macgregor, Lee, Candi Payne and Razor. Jody and Razor review the first episode of Tales from the Borderlands – Zer0 Sum. Candi talks about the critically acclaimed iOS title Framed. Lee talks about perhaps the most epic RPG of 2014 – Dragon Age: Inquisition. Aired 10 December 2014.