The week in news: 9 January

Sony has patented a technology that could stop used games from being playable on it’s next console. The patent describes a technology that ties individual game discs with specific user accounts, rendering the game disc unplayable on any other console.  The application  of a patent does not necessarily mean that the technology will be implemented […]

Gearbox Refuses Offer To Develop New Call of Duty Game

An interview with a German site called KGN suggests that Borderlands developer GearBox Software have turned down an opportunity to develop a new Call of Duty game. Randy Pitchford revealed that the studio had been requested to develop the popular franchise’s next instalment, but he said no. Pitchford commented that Gearbox will only develop a […]

The week in news: 19/12/2012

Seven thousand brand new Wii U consoles have been stolen in a warehouse robbery in Seattle USA. ABC has reported that after gaining access to the SeaTac Air Cargo warehouse, thieves used forklifts to lift palettes of the new console onto two semi trailers and left the scene unimpeded.   The stolen consoles have a retail […]

The week in news: 12/12/2012

It has been reported by Eurogamer that Nintendo of Europe are restricting the purchase of Wii U content that is rated PEGI 18+ (our equivalent of an R18+ rating) to the hours between 11PM and 3AM.  Restricting the sale of adult content within this 4 hour bracket is thought to be an extra preventative measure […]

The Week In News: 28/11/2012

A truck containing every single copy of the PC version of Assassins Creed 3 to be sold in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg has been stolen by thieves.   Ubisoft has passed on the serial numbers of the stolen software to retailers and blacklisted them from online authentication.   The launch of the game was not affected, […]

Download TF2 Arcade for free!

Like TF2? Of course you do! And now that it’s free to download from Steam there are no excuses not okay what is probably one of the finest team-based FPS games ever created. Eric Ruth loved TF2 so much he decided to create his own version of the game, re-imagined as an arcade style, side-scrolling […]

“Innistrad” Magic Pre-Release this weekend

Magic: The Gathering: The first expansion of the new block “Innistrad” launches next week, but this weekend magic players worldwide get their first taste of the new set. The horror themed set introduces a few new mechanics and brings back some old ones. Probably the most interesting new addition are “Double Faced Cards”; these represent […]

Portal is free to download until Sep. 20

I’ll spare you the cake jokes, but if you haven’t already: grab the original PORTAL off steam! Normally 10 bucks. until Tuesday it is free. Valve are hoping that the game and it’s awesome sequel will become part of educational curriculum due its logic and physics based gameplay. Play it! and when you beat it, […]

Magic: The Gathering Pre-release this weekend!

It’s that time again! The Pre-release for M12 Core Set is this weekend and its your first chance to play with the new cards! Pre-releases are happening everywhere this weekend, but our fave place to play has always been Ace Comics. Check out the details for all events below: Ace Annerley is located on Ipswich […]

Playstation Network Returning, Statement from Sony CEO

The PSN is finally back online in Australia! While not all services have been restored (most notably Playstation Store), multiplayer gaming is now fully functional. Today Sony’s President and CEO, Kaz Hirai presented the following video statement. Video courtesy of IGN.