Zedgames at Supanova 2010

Supanova, the biggest pop culture expo in Australia returns to Brisbane April 1-3.  This year is set to be the biggest one yet!  Check out this video of Zedgames at Supanova last year.  For full details about the even, head to www.supanova.com.au

Review – Blur (360/PS3/PC)

BLUR (PG) Developer: Bizzarre Creations Publisher: Activision Out Now for XBOX360, PS3 & PC. Reviewed by Razor. If you’ve ever played a racing game and wished you could suddenly unleash a powerful energy bolt to destroy the car ahead of you, or even if you’ve driven through the C.B.D. during peak hour and wished you […]

Red Dead Redemption, And Some Other Stuff.

Red Dead Redemption. We’ve only been able to put about 15 hours of playtime in and split between three this means we really haven’t seen much of the world yet. Why do every day things like family and house moving and assignments come in between us and our wicky-wicky-wild-wild-west? I dig the tutorial lessons and it […]