Zed Games Podcast – Episode 244

PAX AUS 2014 Special: Part One
In the first part of our PAX coverage, we interview Rich Vogel (Battlecry, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Ultima Online), 7bit Hero and The Voxel Agents (Train Conductor). We talk about our highlights of the convention and a few of the games we got to play. With Alanah Pearce, Lee and Razor. Don’t miss part 2 next week!

Aired 5 November 2014

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Zed Games Podcast – Episode 243


In studio: Lee, Jody, Candi and Razor.
This week: a handsome man reviews a game featuring another handsome man! That’s right, Jody Macgregor gears up to review Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (PC/360/PS3).

Lee transcends the veil of reality to tell us all about Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey (PC/Mac/Linux).

Aired 29 October 2014.

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Bonus Podcast! 48 Hr Game Making Challenge: Extra Interviews

We recorded too many interviews to fit in to our broadcast coverage of the event last week, so we’ve included more great stuff in this bonus podcast. Enjoy!

0:00 -7:12  Natural Alpha “Dirigible!!!”
7:13 -10:24 Alliance of Indies “Dwarves of the Air (DOTA)”
10:25 – 13:03 Avert Studios  Billy’s Goat”
13:04 – 14:35 LOR Games “Pirate Pusher”


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Review: Costume Quest 2


Platform: PC
Developer: Double Fine
Website: www.costumequest2.com
Australian rating: PG

Halloween in Australia is weird. I’ve only had kids come to my door in costume twice, but people love to complain about how this American holiday has invaded our calendar. White Australians complaining about cultural imperialism is odd, right? Kind of tone deaf and crass? Christmas isn’t any more Australian, and we mainly use Halloween as an excuse for adults to dress up and get drunk anyway, like we do every other holiday.

The Costume Quest games are an insight into why Halloween is such a big deal for Americans, letting you play a gang of kids dressed up in dodgy outfits – a robotic suit made of cardboard boxes, a superhero costume that’s just a blanket cape and a pair of underpants on the outside – who are given free rein to roam the suburbs and pretend to be heroes and monsters while eating all the sugar. Those suburbs, by the way, are being invaded by aliens under the cover of Halloween and only you can stop them. Adults won’t believe that big green weirdo is a Grubbin from the planet Repugia and not just someone in a better costume than you, and anyway, you don’t need adults to stop them when you have The Power Of Imagination.


Zed Games Podcast – Episode 240


48 Hour Game Making Challenge special!

We follow the journey of 3 teams (Loquacity & Hubris, Lucky Dip and Rockin’ Legacy) as they compete in the annual #fab48hr game making challenge, held 3-5 October 2014 at QUT Kelvin Grive Campus. We also speak with Truna, the “auntie” of the event and two of the judges, Pras and Peter.

Benn and Andrew – two members of the winning team Matchbox Battery – join us live in studio!

Lee reviews Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Thank you: Everyone who took the time to chat with us, even when the pressure was enormous!
Snabisch – Dance and Jump
Eric Matyas – Digital Clouds
Eric Matyas – Puzzle Game 3
Eric Matyas – Cyber Streets
Gichco – Prophecy of Domination

All music is believed to be in the public domain. Please get in touch if you believe we’ve infringed your copyright.

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Review: Wasteland 2


Platform: PC
Developer: InXile
Website: https://wasteland.inxile-entertainment.com
Australian rating: MA15+

I hate reviews that start with a history lesson, but Wasteland 2 needs some context. I’ll try to make it a short history lesson at least. Here goes.

The original Wasteland was a turn-based post-apocalyptic roleplaying game designed by Interplay in 1988, in which cowboy Desert Rangers protected irradiated Arizona from raiders and robots and, if you played like me, got gnawed to the bone by giant mutant rabbits like they were fleshy carrots being chomped by Bugs Bunny. It was popular enough that Interplay started work on a sequel, but not popular enough for publisher Electronic Arts, who cancelled it and then refused to sell them back the rights. Interplay self-published a different post-apocalyptic RPG instead, and that’s the origin story for the classic Fallout. Years later, the Fallout series has changed hands and members of the original Interplay team, now calling themselves InXile, finally got the rights to their game back and – with help from fans via Kickstarter – made the sequel they wanted to make decades ago.


Review: Gauntlet


Platform: PC
Developer: Arrowhead
Website: www.gauntlet.com
Australian classification: MA15+

The first time I played this remake of Gauntlet I accidentally shot the food within the opening five minutes, so if the only thing you need to know is whether it’s possible to destroy an entire roast turkey with a single, poorly aimed arrow just like in the original, there you go.

Gauntlet is a remake of the 1985 arcade game that gave us one of our first four-player co-op experiences and birthed a bunch of memes about the wizard needing food badly. Arrowhead, the developers of Magicka, have focussed on that arcade multiplayer experience and created a fast-paced action RPG that boils Diablo down to potent stock.