ZEDGAMES – Episode 66 [Playlist]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 66
11 May 2011

Presented by DJ LAME & RAZOR

This week: DJ Lame and Razor presented commentary on the week’s gaming news.

1. BITMUCH – Rastafari Anthem
2. MARTIN LEUNG – Tetris (Live)
3. RUBIJAQ – Dust
4. ADRIAN HOLOVATY – Mario 2 Theme Gypsy Jazz Style
5. JIMMY WONG – Mario Theme Acapella
6. GROUNDISLAVA – Planetary Destroyer
7. AFRICA HI-TECH – Gangslap

Sony are now blaming hacker organisation Anonymous for the PSN breach which compromised the personal details of nearly 80 million users. Sony claim that files that were left deliberately on the server as a calling card contain the message “We Are Legion” which is Anonymous’s slogan. This comes after members of Anonymous denied involvement in the breach, which is the biggest intrusion of private information in history.

Capcom’s senior vice president has written on the company’s forums that the PSN outage has cost the company hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Sony have announced that the majority of services will be back online from 31 May. Thet are implementing a Welcome Back program to compensate PSN users for the lost time which includes a month of Playstation Plus, PSN’s premium service, as well as other free content. Existing Playstation Plus customers will receive further benefits.

An MMO based on the Marvel universe has been announced for release sometime this year. The game is based on the animated Super hero Squad license and will allow players to play as their favourite Marvel Heroes. At this stage the game is called Super Hero Squad Online and it is reported that there will be no monthly subscription fee.

Valve have implemented a video replay feature into Team Fortress 2. Players can now save replays of their previous life and view the action from any angle, including POV’s of everyone on the server. The content is also fully editable. Creative TF2 players are encouraged to enter the SAXXY AWARDS, which are open until the 19th of May and features categories like “Most Inventive Kill”, “Most Pwnage” and “Best Cinematography”.

The next installment in the Assassin’s Creed franchise is called Revelations and scheduled for release this November. Ezio will return for the final time, though rather than being set in renaissance Italy, the adventure is shifting to the Middle Eastern setting of the original game. Gameplay trailers are expected at this years E3.

Mass Effect 3, previously scheduled for release late this year, has been pushed back to Quarter 1 2012.

Brink, a game best described as a hybrid of Mirror’s Edge and Team Fortress 2, launches tomorrow. For those who are eager to try out the game early, The Mana Bar is hosting a preview event tonight until midnight.

It’s been reported that the Australian release of The Witcher 2 has been edited to fall under the MA15+ rating. The edited content has to do with a scene in which the player is granted the option to accept sex as a reward. This option has been removed from the Australian version. The Witcher 2 is scheduled for release on 17 May.

Blizzard has dropped a hint that public Beta testing for DIABLO 3 will begin in Quarter 3 this
year. At this stage we don’t have a release date, but this news makes an early 2012 release seem likely.

Bungie, developers of the popular HALO franchise have stated that they will not be presenting material at E3 this year. This years conference is happening from the 7-9 of June, with Nintendo hoping to steal the show by showing off its next generation console.

EB Games have announced that they will be presenting a new annual games expo to be held at the Gold Coast Convention and Entertainment Centre. EB Games Expo, will be held this year on October 15 and 16 and feature presentations from EA and Ubisoft with more likely to be confirmed. The event is open to the public and tickets start at 29.95, with VIP passes also available for 99.95.

Blizzard have announced that World of Warcraft subscriber numbers have dipped to a mere 11.4 million. This is down from its peak of 12 million at around the release of the Cataclysm expansion. Blizzard executives are planning on speeding up content delivery to regain market share.

Valve have released the beta version of Portal 2’s authoring tools, allowing users to create their own levels and puzzles. Check the official Portal 2 site for more info: thinkwithportals.com

Steam – Mass Effect on sale

This week, Steam are holding EA-related specials all week, with a different franchise in the spotlight each day. We’ve seen Dragon Age, NFS and The Sims. Normally I wouldn’t bother reporting on game specials but I just had to let you guys know about today’s special: Mass Effect. Check these prices:

Mass Effect: $4.99
Mass Effect 2: $9.99
Mass Effect 2 Digital Deluxe: $19.99

For more info check:

ZEDGAMES – Episode 65 [Playlist]

4 May 2011.

Presented by: DJ LAME, LEE & RAZOR

This week:
We discussed the ongoing PSN saga; R18+ updates; the importance of DLC in the games industry.

1. TAKADA – Let’s Fight a Boss (No More Heroes)
2. COMPUTER ROCKERS – Return of the Computer Rockers
3. DIBIASE – Circuit Breakin’
4. YMCK – Magical 8-Bit Tour

No dead hookers were harmed during the making of this program…

South Australia to replace MA15+ with R18+

South Australian Attorney-General John Rau has today stated that SA will introduce an R18+ rating for videogames regardless of any decision made at the upcoming SCAG in July.

The adult rating will replace the current MA15+. Rau made a statement last year that he believed that there should be a stronger discrimination between games for children and adults.

Currently it is necessary for all Attorneys-General to have a unanimous decision to change the national classification code to include an adult rating for video games, however states are able to independently legislate such changes with cabinet approval. This is seen with the X18+ rating for adult movies that in place for ACT and NT.

Source: Gamespot

\Razors view:
While the introduction of an R18+ rating is what gamers have been lobbying for years to have, the removal of the MA rating seems like a counter-productive measure. What about games that are suitable for late teens (Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, Dragon Age) but not necessarilly R material? Surely this will unfairly disadvantage the sizeable demographic of late-teen gamers? If the MA15+ rating isn’t needed, then why keep it for film and literature? Rau uses the word “interactive” to justify this but is that really a valid reason these days? I’d love to hear more views on this.

PSN still down, personal details compromised

Well the PSN debacle has been receiving widespread media attention, mainly due to the fact that the personal details of 77 million users have apparently fallen into the hands of hackers.

8 days into the outage and I have only today received an email from Sony detailing the fact that my details have been accessed by hackers.

There has been a class-action lawsuit filed against Sony, who have reportedly enlisted aid of the FBI to help determine the identity of the mysterious uber-hacker.

Things keep going from bad to worse for Sony, who may suffer heavy financial losses from this episode, not to mention the loss of trust from customers.

While it is unclear if credit card information has been accessed, PSN users would be wise to keep an eye on their transaction records and consider changing passwords.

The PSN outage means that all online games, the PS store, PS home, PS3 Steam and almost all online functionality of the PS3 and PSP has been disabled, though users can still access the internet through browsers.

Sony have not released a date when the network will be back online, though it has been rumoured it will be down for at least another week.

This weekend: AUSCON gaming convention

For those of you who are feeling the absence of GENCON: Look no further than AUSCON this weekend!

For the first time ever, AUSCON will be satisfying all of your gaming needs with a weekend jam packed with every kind of game you can play on a table.

In addition to having all of the best tabletop games being played around the clock (including WAR MACHINE, BLOODBOWL, 40K THE GAUNTLET, BATTLETECH and MAGIC: THE GATHERING), be sure to check out many of the other activities including seminars on painting, miniature creation and game development; speed painting competitions; and WIZARDS OF OZ, an all-inclusive miniature painting comp.

All of this is happening at the RNA Showgrounds, Bowen Hills Sat. 30 April – Mon. 2 May (it doesn’t start on Friday as I foolishly proclaimed on last week’s show).

Of course, ZEDGAMES will be attending all weekend so if you see any of the presenters wandering around feel free to say “hi”. I will probably be hanging around the Magic tables; challenge me to a friendly duel and if you beat me, I may be forced to admit defeat on next week’s show (if you lose I reserve full bragging rights).

For full details about the event and gaming schedule, visit www.auscongames.com.au

ZEDGAMES – Episode 64 [Playlist]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 64


This week:
We discussed the Sony PSN breach; speculated further on Nintendo’s “Project Cafe”; and raved about Portal 2 co-op mode.

01: THE NATIONAL – Exile Vilify
02: EPROM – Humanoid
03: JONATHAN COULTON – Want You Gone (Portal 2 end song)
04: STU – Insane Level
05: KATRAH-QUEY – Oishi Antiques ft INSPECTAH DECK

This weekend, AUSCON is happening at RNA showgrounds! Miniature, Role-Playing and Card Games from Sat April 30- Monday 2 May.
For full details and schedule, go to http://www.auscongames.com.au

PSN is down… Anonymous:”We didn’t do it”

PSN users worldwide have found themselves unable to log in or access any online features.
A statement from Sony:

“While we are investigating the cause of the Network outage, we wanted to alert you that it may be a full day or two before we’re able to get the service completely back up and running. Thank you very much for your patience while we work to resolve this matter.”

Hacker group Anonymous – who earlier this year hacked the PSN causing downtime – have been vocal about their non-involvement with Sony’s current technical problems. “”For once, we didn’t do it” began a statement from the group.

ZEDGAMES – Episode 63 [playlist]

20 April 2011

In Studio: DJ LAME, LEE & RAZOR.

This week:
We spoke about Portal 2 and the significance of the original Portal.
We also addressed rumours of the Wii’s successor.

1. BOOM BAPTIST – 8-Bit Try
2: MARTIN LEUNG – Tetris
3: PORTAL S/TRACK – Still Alive (End song)
4: PROTOHYPE – I Choose You
5: DOSHY – 2086