Shadowrun: Hong Kong


Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
Developer: Harebrained Schemes
Australian rating: Unrated

Cyberpunk was a very 1980s thing, and sometimes that comes through in the modern games reviving the genre. Shadowrun began as a tabletop RPG in 1989 and the video games based on it retain some of the era’s qualities, including a fascination with Asian culture as filtered through action movies. Street samurai wield katanas, every city has triads and yakuza, and the world is run by megacorps with names like Shiawase, Wuxing, and Renraku.

So in Shadowrun: Hong Kong of course you work for a triad boss based out of a mahjong parlour and one of your missions is to mess with the feng shui of an office building to harm the owners’ profits. It trades in pretty broad stereotypes, but that’s the nature of Shadowrun’s pulpy adventure fiction background, which mashes up cyberpunk and urban fantasy so that the street samurais are likely to be elves, the triads and yakuza backed up by shamans, and the megacorps run by dragons.


Zed Games Podcast – Episode 285

In studio: Lee, Jody Macgregor & Razor.

Blues and Bullets is a noir adventure that rewrites the story of Eliot Ness – leader of the Untouchables – and the legendary gangster Al Capone. This week, Lee plays the first episode. Jody gives us his impressions of the Might and Magic Heroes VII beta.

Aired 2 September 2015.

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Zed Games Podcast – Episode 284

In studio: Jody Macgregor, Candi Payne, Lee and Razor.

It’s our Radiothon special celebrating 4ZZZ’s “mid-life crisis” and 40 years on-air… so we go retro!
We review Pac-Man 256, the latest version of the iconic arcade smash hit by Crossy Road developer Hipster Whale. King’s Quest is a modern “re-imagining” of the classic point and click adventure game, starring Christopher Lloyd and an all-star voice cast. We review Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember (we’ll return to it later for a discussion about the complete game). Razor presents a special segment on The History and Culture of Pinball , featuring Riff Randall and Chelle McIntyre.

Aired 26 August 2015

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Zed Games Podcast – Episode 281

In studio: Razor and Lee.

Tim and Nick of Earthwork Games join us in studio for a chat about their upcoming game Forts. Forts is a real-time physics-based strategy game of construction and destruction, in which players fight over the last of earth’s natural resources. Lee reviews The Swindle, a steampunk heist roguelike.

Aired 5 August 2015.

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