Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Platform: PC, Mac, Linux Developer: Harebrained Schemes Website: Australian rating: Unrated Cyberpunk was a very 1980s thing, and sometimes that comes through in the modern games reviving the genre. Shadowrun began as a tabletop RPG in 1989 and the video games based on it retain some of the era’s qualities, including a fascination with Asian culture […]

Audiosurf 2

Platform: PC, Mac, Linux Developer: Dylan Fitterer Website: Australian rating: Unrated You know those visualisation things you get with music software like Windows Media Player? The ones that accompany whatever song is playing with geometric patterns, rising and falling and changing colour in time with the music, sort of like what 1990s movies thought cyberspace looked […]

The Sound of Silent: Music in Silent Hill


There are jobs monkeys can do, and then there are jobs you can’t give to a monkey because the soul-smashing tedium would be considered a form of animal cruelty. Scanning the items on supermarket shelves to make sure they all have the right price was one of those soul-smashing tedium jobs – just empty aisles […]

Skyrim Travelogue: A Little Rain Never Hurt No One


There’s a popular Skyrim mod called Frostfall I’ve had installed for a while. It takes all those background weather effects, the snow and rain and fog, and pushes them into the foreground where you can’t help but notice them. It achieves this by letting them kill you. You know that expression “a little rain never hurt […]

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 245

PAX AUS 2014 Special: Part Two Interviews with: Tripod, Wargaming (World of Tanks), Disparity Games (Ninja Pizza Girl), Witchbeam Studios (Assault Android Cactus), Flat Earth Games (Towncraft/Metrocide) & Digital Confectioners (Depth). Plus: Alanah gives us an overview of the New 3DS! Aired 12 November 2014. Subscribe to the Zed Games Podcast on iTunes Note: Due […]

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Platform: PC, PS3, PS4, Vita, 360, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS Developer: Traveller’s Tales Website: Australian rating: PG The Lego games are released on a schedule as constant as Call Of Duty or Assassin’s Creed, and that means they can be formulaic. Lego Batman 2: DC Heroes was one of the series’ innovators, however, […]

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 242

Ben Marrinan, game designer at Halfbrick Studios joins us for a live chat about his new game Radical Rappelling. Alanah and Jody review the terrifying Alien: Isolation. Aired 22 October 2014. Subscribe to the Zed Games Podcast on iTunes

Review: Costume Quest 2


Platform: PC Developer: Double Fine Website: Australian rating: PG Halloween in Australia is weird. I’ve only had kids come to my door in costume twice, but people love to complain about how this American holiday has invaded our calendar. White Australians complaining about cultural imperialism is odd, right? Kind of tone deaf and crass? […]

Review: Wasteland 2

Platform: PC Developer: InXile Website: Australian rating: MA15+ I hate reviews that start with a history lesson, but Wasteland 2 needs some context. I’ll try to make it a short history lesson at least. Here goes. The original Wasteland was a turn-based post-apocalyptic roleplaying game designed by Interplay in 1988, in which cowboy Desert Rangers […]

Review: Gauntlet

Platform: PC Developer: Arrowhead Website: Australian classification: MA15+ The first time I played this remake of Gauntlet I accidentally shot the food within the opening five minutes, so if the only thing you need to know is whether it’s possible to destroy an entire roast turkey with a single, poorly aimed arrow just like in the original, there […]