Zed Games Podcast – Episode 279

In studio: Razor and Candi Payne We’re joined by digital artist Alinta Krauth, as we chat about her interactive art piece An Argument In Parallel Incompleteness that will be on show at the Queensland Poetry Festival August 28-30. Jessica Merceica interviews three indie games developers attending this year’s Gamma Con: Cardboard Keep. Shy Kids Club […]

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 278

In studio: Lee, Razor and Jody Macgregor. The two equally powerful forces of LEGO and dinosaurs collide to form LEGO Jurassic World. Jody and Razor provide their impressions of the game, which includes all four Jurassic Park films. Regency Solitaire offers a twist on the classic card game, with a historic London setting and a […]

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 277

In studio: Candi Payne, Jody Macgregor and Razor. One of the most refreshingly different games of the year, “Her Story” has you trawling through the police interview archives, following clues to discover the secrets of a long dormant police investigation. Fallout Shelter is a free to play mobile game where you must micromanage a fallout […]

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 276

In studio: Lee, Jody Macgregor, Candi Payne, Razor and Alanah Pearce. The dark knight returns for one last romp around Gotham City in Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4/XB1/PC). Alanah Pearce returns from self-imposed exile to help Lee and Razor review the concluding chapter of Rocksteady’s “Arkham” series. Jody reviews BiT Evolution ,  a retro 2D platformer […]

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 275

In studio: Razor, Lee, Candi Payne and Jody Macgregor. This week, we’re joined by Olga Varlamova of Lucid Level Games. We talk about the sci-fi/noir adventure game Space Sleuth and her involvement with the Brisbane independent game development community. The lads talk about Blizzard’s new “Hero brawler”, Heroes of the Storm (PC). Giveaway! if you want […]

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 274

In studio: Jody Macgregor, Lee May & Razor. The team discuss the game reveals and announcements from E3 2015, held in Los Angeles California 16-18 June 2015 – including news about Fallout 4, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, The Last Guardian and more. Jody and Lee review You Must Build A Boat (PC/mobile) Aired 17 June […]

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 273

In studio: Lee, Razor, Candi Payne & Jody Macgregor. This week, Don Kirkland and Rupert Jones of Geek Brain Games join us for an chat about their new iOS game Star Squad Space Rescue and their experience in the video game industry. Lee, Jody and Razor provide some first impressions of pot-apocalyptic arena game Dirty […]

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 272

In studio: Jody Macgregor, Lee May, Razor and Candi Payne. This week: Kim Allom, producer at Brisbane games studio Defiant Development drops in for a chat about working on games like Hand of Fate and Ski Safari Adventure Time, as well as being named as one of MCV’s Top 75 Influential Women in Gaming. We […]

Zed games Podcast – Episode 271

In studio: Razor, Lee May, Jody Macgregor, Candi Payne. This week: Lee and Razor review The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a stunning open world RPG based on the Polish novel series. Jody talks about steampunk/minigolf game Vertiginous Golf (PC). Aired 27 May 2015. Subscribe to the Zed Games Podcast on iTunes  

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 270

In studio: Lee May, Candi Payne, Razor and Jody Macgregor. Concept artist Nick Smith joins us for a chat about his career designing for games like Total War, Hand of Fate and Rise to Power, as well as his upcoming art exhibition. Razor and Lee talk about Chroma Squad(PC), the turn based strategy/film studio sim […]