Episode 150

zgepisode150.mp3 (38:02/43.5MB) Aired 2nd January 2013 In studio: Alanah, Lee, Jody & Razor               Our newest recruit Alanah Pearce presents a feature on out most anticipated games of 2013!    

Episode 139

              Aired 10 october 2012.   ZGEpisode139.mp3 (39:13 / 45 MB)   The crew sat down for a discussion with Megan Summers and Anthony Wood of Screwtape Studios. We talked about what it’s like working as an indie developer in Brisbane, as well as their games Conduction, Bank Job […]

Episode 136 [Playlist + Podcast]

            Listen Here Aired 19 September 2012 Razor, Lee and Jody   We talked about the specifics of the R18+ Classification Guidelines, taking effect in Australia from 1 January 2013. We also talked about the release date and pricing of the upcoming Nintendo Wii U console.  Nov 30 release date, […]

Episode 135 [Playlist + Podcast]

            Listen Here Note:  Due to an editing error, there is 15 seconds of silence between 11:00-11:15.   Aired 12 September 2012 Razor, Lee, Candi & Jody   This week the guys talk about the Sexiest Video Game characters of all time! Razor talks Mann Vs Machine mode for Team […]

Episode 134 [Playlist and podcast]

              Listen Here Lee, Razor, Candi + Jody. This week Jody told us about the digital versions of the old-school Game Books, as well as the Choice Of: adventure novels.  Most are free for iOS and Android! Lee gave us first impressions of Guild Wars 2. Top 5: Best […]

Episode 133 [Playlist + Podcast]

            Listen Here Aired 29 August 2012 Razor, Lee and Jody   Darksiders 2 (PC/360/PS3) Sound Shapes (PSV) We discuss Boss Fights!   Our favourites, and why do so many games have them anyway?   1. MIDNIGHT RAIDERS – One Bad Man From one of the best big crescendo moments in […]

Episode 132 [Playlist + Podcast]

              <Listen Here> Aired 22 August 2012 With Razor, Major Lee and Candy Payne We review Sleeping Dogs, awesome Hong Kong open-world action! We had a chat about our favourite all-time open world games. And we announced our Radiothon prizes!  Subscribe before the 26th to win!  Details here.   […]

Episode 131 [Playlist]

Aired 15 August 2012 In Studio: Razor Razor presented a special musical episode of Zed Games, with some of his favourite songs from the past few months as well as listener requests. Also, an excerpt from “Video Games and the Human Condition” by Jonathan Blow.   1. HALC & OA – A,B,C, Start! (Sonic the […]

Episode 130 [Playlist + Podcast]

                <Listen Here> Aired 8 August 2012 In studio: Razor, Major Lee, Candi Payne & we welcome Jody as a regular co-host.   The Zed Games crew has a discussion about the scariest games they’ve ever played.   Is yours on the list? Candi Payne ridicules us for being […]

Episode 129 [Playlist + Podcast]

                LISTEN HERE! Aired 1 August 2012 In studio: Razor, Lee, Candi Payne & Kaylah This week, the Zed Games crew are joined by Kingdom Hearts authority Kaylah, who schools us about the latest installment of the franchise: Dream Drop Distance (3DS).    Also in this episode, we get […]