Episode 128 [Playlist + Podcast]

                Listen Here!   Aired 25 july 2012 In Studio: Candi Payne, Major Lee & Razor. We spoke to Greg, Brittany & Jess from IMPRO MAFIA about their role playing themed show Critical Hit Includes a hilarious live-to-air improvised RP session! Critical Hit plays at Brisbane Arts Theatre, […]

Episode 127 [Playlist + Podcast]

          CLICK HERE TO LISTEN Aired 18 July 2012 In Studio:  Razor, Major Lee, Candi Payne and Jody Macgregor. In this episode, we take a look at a handful of indie game developers from Brisbane.  We asked  about their games and their experiences making them.    Also the Zed Games crew […]

Episode 126 [Playlist + Podcast]

            LISTEN HERE Aired 11 July 2012 with Lee & Razor 1. MOONBASE COMMANDER – Ekisaiobaiku 2. FREDDE GREDDE – The Video Game Rock Medley 3. DAFT PUNK – Tron Legacy (End Theme) 4. ELANA STONE – Ivory Tower 5. UNKNOWN – Dr Who (Gameboy) 6. TOBIO – Snake the […]

Episode 125 [Playlist + Podcast]

<<<Listen here>>> Aired 4 July 2012 Candi Payne, Lee & Razor   We spoke to Regurgitator‘s Ben Ely. His art exhibition GAME OVER! runs until July 29 at LUST FOR LIFE gallery space, Fortitude Valley. We reviewed Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (PSV)   1. MC CHRIS – IG88 2. REGURGITATOR – Black Bugs 3. […]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 124 [Playlist + Podcast]

Aired 27 June 2012 EPISODE 124 <<<Listen here>>> Candi Payne, DJ LAME, Major Lee & Razor We spoke to Stackboy and JB, organisers of LANSMASH Max Payne 3 (PC/360/PS3) Lollipop Chainsaw (360/PS3)   1: Stan Bush – Dare 2: Nino – Day Of The Tentacle 3: Lennertvandijk – Contra 4: UZ –Trap Shit V8 5: […]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 123 [Playlist + podcast]

Aired 20 June 2012 <<<Listen here!>>> In Studio: Candi Payne, Major Lee, Razor and DJ LAME   We interviewed Daniel from Gamer Institute about what it takes to become a professional gamer. Razor brought in his new PS Vita and we gave our impressions on the new device. Also, Binary Domain (PS3, 360, PC) and […]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 120 [Playlist + Podcast]

Aired 30 may 2012 <<<Listen Here!>>> With Candi. DJ LAME, Major Lee and Razor. A Guide to the Best Free Games Money Can Buy! In preparation for e3 next week, we throw out the usual wild speculation.   1. 813 – Purpur Way 2. SRC – Lemsip 3. COMPUTOR ROCKERS – Galaxy Defenders 4. MADGAZ85 […]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 119 [Playlist + Podcast]

Aired 23 May 2012 <<<Listen Here! >>>   In Studio: Razor, Lee, Candi Payne and Matt the “CandyMan” In this week’s episode: Razor, Lee and Matt have an epic, final discussion about Diablo 3. Candi Payne reports on Monday’s Fruit Ninja tournament in the Queen St Mall.   1. HUNZ – Owl Highway 2. SWELL […]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 118 [Playlist + Podcast]

Aired 16 May 2012 Download this episode!   Razor, Lee & Candi P. Candi & Razor playtest iOS game Penny Time. Razor & Lee’s first impressions of Diablo 3. (PC & Mac) To be continued next episode! Lee and Candi debate the benefits of retail and digital game distribution.   1. RUBIJAQ – Pale Face […]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 117 [Playlist + Podcast]

Aired 9 May 2012 Download this episode! Candi, DJ LAME, Lee and Razor We interview Hunz and Ivan from IV MOTION about upcoming iOS title Penny Time! Glitches – our fondest and most frustrating memories.   1. A LEE – Slippy 9000 2. RUSTIE – Beast Nite 3. HUNZ – Owl Highway (Penny Time S/track) […]