ZEDGAMES – Episode 91 [Playlist]

9 November 2011 1. FILOSOFIISCHESTILTE – Hairdoo 2. ELLIOT – Who ate my bits 3. KIDKANEVIL – Nahmsayin 4. BLUE NOCTURNE – Mega Man 2 medley 5. 486 – Gangstahz 6. NAÏVE MACHINE – Jump Luigi 7. TRAXMAN – Pacman Juke 8. SPOD – Dead

ZEDGAMES – Episode 89 [Playlist]

26 October 2011 Presented by DJ LAME, Lee and Razor. This week we chatted to the winners of this year’s 48 Hour Game Making Challenge, ROCKIN’ MOSES. . Check out their games here: www.rockinmoses.com 1. KRAMPFHAFT – Perfect Gain Structure 2. GHOSTMODE – My Computer Hates Me 3. 486 – Brackish 4. KODEK – Dr […]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 88 [Playlist]

19/10/2011 In Studio: DJ LAME, Lee, Razor. This week: DJ LAME gave his impressions of some of the the games he played at EB EXPO last weekend. Lee spoke about DARK SOULS (360) and RAGE (PC). There were some insults hurled back and forth but no more than usual. 6:00 SRC – Sort of a […]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 87 [Playlist]

12 October 2011 Presented by Razor, Lee and Zackamemnon This week we spoke to Shaun and Dominique, from the ASHCAN comics collective. ashcan.com.au/ Lucy and Ben from the Brisbane Regional Youth Orchestra dropped in for a chat. Check out their performance on Sunday at the EB GAMES EXPO! bryo.org.au 1. SPOD – Dead 2. MOP- […]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 86 [Playlist]

5 October 2011 Presented by Lee, Razor & Zakamemnon This week we spoke to FINAGRIN, a local chip artist. Check him out along with VGX and SLATO tomorrow night at the Mana Bar! Details here: POCKET MUSIC Razor and Lee recounted fond memories of AUSCON. Lee got his hands on RAGE early and gave us […]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 85 [Playlist]

28/9/2011 Hosted by DJ LAME + Razor. 6:10 MICROCOBRA – Ninja Replay 6:15 MICROCOBRA – Scorpion Vs Cobra 6:30 KODEK – Organ1Sed Gr1M3 6:45 ZET – Hyperpolarisation 6:47 486 – 2AO3 Dub 6:58 LITTLE TONI MARSH – Video Burnout

ZEDGAMES – Episode 84 [Playlist]

21/09/2011 Presented by Razor, DJ LAME, Lee. This week, we spoke to Allan from AUSCON. It’s happening October 1-2 at RNA Showgrounds. RPG, Console Games, Cosplay and much more! Check out event details here: auscongames.com.au The guys spoke about EMULATOR, an exhibition on at the Bleeding Heart Gallery until Sep 30. More info : emulatorart.com.au […]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 83 [Playlist]

14 September 2011 Presented by Razor, Lee and DJ LAME. This week we spoke to last years winners of the 48 Hour Game Making Challenge; Kieren, Matt and Chris. Check out their winning entry here : http://www.cratesmith.com/archives/277 This years comp runs from Sep 30-Oct 2, full details please visit: http://making-games.net/48/ 1: ELLIOT – Who 8 […]

ZEDGAMES – Episode 79

In Studio: Razor, DJ Lame, Lee and special guest Jody from RAVE’s Control Freak. Congratulations to our Radiothon prize winners: Steve (Call of Duty: Black Ops) Jason (Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions) Porl (Rave Magazine Megadrive Vinyl prize pack + CD’s) Please come in to Zed to claim your prizes, or email zedgames@4zzzfm.org.au to make alternative arrangements. […]