Zed Games Podcast – Episode 288

In studio: Jody Macgregor, Lee and Razor. Lee and Razor have a lengthy discussion about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – one of the year’s most eagerly anticipated titles. Jody talks us through Warhammer 40,000 – Regicide, a chess game with a twist of space-marine. Aired 22 September 2015. Subscribe to the Zed […]

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 287

In studio: Razor, Candi Payne, Jody Macgregor and Alanah Pearce Alanah and Razor talk about Mad Max, the first videogame starring the iconic Australian wasteland dweller. Candi Payne reviews Lara Croft GO, a mobile puzzle game starring everyone’s favourite tomb raider. Aired 16 September 2015. Subscribe to the Zed Games Podcast on iTunes

State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition


Platform: Xbox One Developer: Undead Labs Website: Undeadlabs.com Australian classification: R18+ I’d long since run out of food and drink. I was bruised, beaten, and exhausted to the point of near collapse. My ute was packed with a days worth of salvage; medicine, materials, fuel, ammunition, supplies we desperately needed. The community was counting on me, but more than […]

Zed Games Podcast – Episode 262

In studio: Lee May, Jody Macgregor, Candi Payne and Razor. This week: Razor talks about Final Fantasy Type-0 HD(PS4/XB1) an action RPG ported from the 2011 PSP version. Jody review Three Fourths Home (PC) a visual novel about a conversation that a family has while driving home from a holiday. Lee provides some first impressions […]

Zoo Tycoon: The Age Problem

It’s fairly odd that one of the Xbox One’s exclusive launch titles is a new Zoo Tycoon game – but not because the Tycoon franchise isn’t popular, and the games are certainly fun. Zoo Tycoon’s biggest flaw, and what makes it questionable as a launch title, is it’s seemingly blatant disregard for a very basic […]