New Battlefield 3 Gameplay Video Released!

How’s your PC hardware looking? If you’re looking for an excuse to upgrade, I just found you one: Prone is BACK BABY! BF purists will be pleased to hear that PC is the lead platform, but judging by this video I’m thinking that the Sys Reqs are going to make many gamers cry. BF3 has […]

Batman: Arkham City Gameplay Trailer

Last week,  me and Lee were drooling over this Batman: Arkham City gameplay trailer.  Check this shit out: Being the sequel to the best superhero game ever made, this game has a lot to live up to and it looks like Rocksteady are attempting to raise the bar even higher.  Batman: Arkham City is scheduled […]

ZEDGAMES – EPISODE 58 [playlist]

ZEDGAMES – EPISODE 58 In Studio: DJ LAME, Scribewraith, Razor, Lee, Ian. This week: Corey from Good Games came in to chat about launching the Brisbane store of the GG franchise. Lee talked about the Penny Arcade Expo in Boston, and first impressions of Dragon Age 2. 1. TECHNO SYNDROME – Mortal Kombat 2. POKEMON […]


9 March 2011 Presented by DJ LAME, SCRIBEWRAITH & RAZOR This week we chatted with: RUBIJAQ DUDES FROM AUSCON DJ Lame gave Pokemon:Black first impressions 1. KOLA KID – Spaceman 2. DOT.AY – Bambiraptor 3. RUBIJAQ – Pale Face 4. RUBIJAQ – Thetan Level 8 (live) 5. 8bitIAL LION – Infinite Potentials 6. DOSHY – […]

Zedgames at Supanova 2010

Supanova, the biggest pop culture expo in Australia returns to Brisbane April 1-3.  This year is set to be the biggest one yet!  Check out this video of Zedgames at Supanova last year.  For full details about the even, head to


ZedGames – Episode 20 16 June 2010 In studio: DJ Lame, Leigh, Razor, Scribewraith and Codeblink This week we featured: E3 Special! The ZedGames crew discussed their impressions of what had been unveiled at E3 so far at the time the program went to air. Some of the main discussion points were the press conferences […]

Razor’s Magical Journey

Last week’s ZedGames segment on Magic: The Gathering had me primed up for some tournament play. So, I went along yesterday to the Friday Night Magic (that actually happens on Saturday afternoon) at Ace Comics & Games in the Queen St. Mall. As a relatively new player I’m used to getting my butt handed to […]

Review – Blur (360/PS3/PC)

BLUR (PG) Developer: Bizzarre Creations Publisher: Activision Out Now for XBOX360, PS3 & PC. Reviewed by Razor. If you’ve ever played a racing game and wished you could suddenly unleash a powerful energy bolt to destroy the car ahead of you, or even if you’ve driven through the C.B.D. during peak hour and wished you […]


ZEDGAMES – Episode 19 09 June 2010 Presented by DJ Lame, Razor and Scribewraith. This week we featured: Review: Red Dead Redemption [MA] by Ian (360/PS3) Review: No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle [MA] by DJ Lame (Wii) Review: Blur [PG] by Razor (360/PS3/PC) Review: Alien Breed Impact [M] by Chris (360/PC) Louis and Nick […]